Organic Seed Treatments

Organic Seed Treatments

In August 2018, Norofert launched a premiere on the European market by introducing all its products in the form of an effervescent tablet. By replacing classic liquid or powder products used in agriculture with the tablet, Norofert removed completely the risk of fermentation at high temperatures, extended the product’s shelf-life to 5 years as well as significantly reduced storage and space need for transportation thus revolutionizing the organic agriculture sector. The effervescent tablet has so far been sold on the Romanian, French and Spanish markets. Further expansion of Norofert’s innovative product is planned for the coming period. The effervescent tablet by Norofert has been recognized as an innovation, most notably by Business Magazin as an ’Innovative Project of 2018’.

Production lines

Today, Norofert is producing bio fertilizers, organic phytosanitary products such as insecticides and fungicides, seed and foliar treatments as well as has the full capacity to develop customized organic fertilizers that satisfy crop’s nutritional demand, specific to area, soil and growth stage of plant. The company delivers its products to Romanian farmers as well as has contracts with distributors from Republic of Moldova and Greece and is planning to further expand to Bulgaria and Croatia in the course of 2019.  The company has currently two main lines – Norofert Organics, a line of organic fertilizers for processional farmers, sold in commercial quantities, which currently consists of over 20 products, and Norofert Fito – a line of 8 bio products that are sold in small quantities and which are destined for small farmers (cultivation up to 1 hectare) and hobby gardeners of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

At the beginning of 2019, the company had 21 employees at the Group level. Norofert currently holds approximate 30% of the local market of inputs for organic farming.

All Norofert products are made in Romania, using 100% natural and ecologic ingredients.